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Healthy Shop in Network System Business Overview.

Healthy Shop take the opportunity with the internet marketing system that is used for effective internet marketing for marketable products. These products are manufactured and produced at highest and finest quality certifies Halal by the Malaysian Islamic affairs. Products are only made available through network marketing system and are not publicly available in any stores worldwide and even in Malaysia. Network marketing system in todayā€™s world are very competitive and many are dubious scandalous. With this system it does all the automated posting similar to mail chimp, Getrespond and other email marketing system available to the members who are registered.

Since healthy shop is associated with the company, It is already used by over 22,000 people worldwide. It provides product presentation slide and videos for you for your potential client without you being doing the face to face product promotion. This made it easy to market the products locally and also internationally.

There are also members who are able to market these products using the classical personal face to face method. They also do very well.

Registered members are doing well because their own group also grows too.

Up front ready for any registered members who join the group are incentives such as property in Malaysia. The company have sign an MOU with one of the public registered company ( first board or Main board) to enable members to purchase their properties at discount rate.

If you are interested to own luxurious car, the company also have sign up with Mercedes Company in Malaysia to enable members to purchase Mercedes at special rate. Actually many members locally in Malaysia and internationally already have their own luxurious cars like BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Ford Mustang as an incentive by getting more sales. Other incentives are annually holiday packages, electronic gadgets and smaller items that are easily achievable.

All things are transparent to members via their online website to view their business performance.

Besides having incentiveĀ  and above all is to help other people achieve their health and financial objective.

This pandemic serves us a very tough and rough lesson in our lives.Ā  Many people get sick because of the Corvid 19 virus and the pandemic condition.

Many are made jobless and stressful. This made their body immune system become weak and easily accessible by the corvid19 virus and other virus and bacteria.

To help our body to harden our immunity against this dangerous and live threatening virus why not tries the products. The products protect and rebuild our internal system to provide shield and immunity against any bad bacteria and virus.

There is nothing that can provide our immunity at 100 % even those vaccines or over the counter medicines. We need to fill up those open gaps in our immunity with certain food and supplement. As we get ageing or body cells decays and being replaced every day. The older we become our body cell also retards it cell growth. These products also help us to regenerate new healthy body cells that potentially make your looking glowing young.

Retail profit is secondary to the above mentioned factors. Some of the members are getting up to six figures cumulative income annually while some earn quite modest with four figures. I am talking in US Dollars.

SO when you registered you donā€™t need to be in any doubt because all details about the system are available online and make sure you become one of our members to enjoy the system that do the jobs for you.

Your memberships fees is paid only once for a lifetime and with that your legacy will continue.

Financial Growth Of This Company that Healthy Shop is Affiliated with is stated below.

Since inception in 2017 the annual sales :

2017 Turnover was USD3 Million.

2018 Turnover was USD12 Million

2019 Turnover was USD40 Million

2020 Turnover was USD90 Million

…..Sources Company porfolio

Are You Interested in Network Market and Online BUSINESS?

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This Business is a Real Business with Transparent Business Plan for all Nationalities.


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