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What is the subject you can FindIt Here

What is the purpose of Findit.

Findit has been doing quite a lot of blogs and posting comments on blogs, write articles for certain blogs for the past couple of years. After 5 years of online as a virtual assistant, I decided to start my own blog website “this site rag2ric.com “, and I signup. I thought that one of the easy “page painting” with potential conversion was to get on with Affiliate Marketing because that is the super way of online business of today. For several days I then search for some Affiliate and Marketing site looking for products for my site and I found it quite a lot.

What is wrong ?
After almost a year I did not get any sales like those explained and recommended in Youtube and webinars. I also try online stores which I thought is super easy to earn. What happens after a few months, still no sales. This poses a question. Am i doing the right thing wasting my time trying to sell something online trying to make some money online?. So I try advertising using google ads and spent a few hundred dollars and the result still no conversion.
I was struggling to get a single sales. I follow those SEO recommendations and google. Put in keywords and so on but still can’t sell. Google can’t find my keywords so my organic search result was nothing.

What caused Frustration
So much have been said about Affiliate and blog and getting the topic right, the subject like rags to riches, MLM, Affiliate products and hope of getting some online incomes. Quite frustrated isn’t it. One thing I learned from all this is that so-called visitors. How to attract them? Of course via a search engine using keywords related to content on the website. That super easy one may ask. If you are an SEO guy or a person who has some blog, you can laugh reading my content on my blog. My grammar and spelling are all not Grammarly right. Still, I do believe that the longer my blog and site stay on the internet the more visitors I should have and my ranking may be improved. Ranking is never been the same all day except those for corporate site like Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress,Instagram,Facebook, Youtube, Google, Bing and so on. They basically rule the internet ranking.

Is there any Clue?
I have no clue why I am a loser. Maybe I got penalized by google and stopped those search engines from crawling my Affiliate Marketing website that have Affiliate Products.
But I like posting something for internet readers. That is why I may need to remain online for a while. Forget about those conversion to get money online.

The mother site is at the main domain https://rag2ric.com/