Glowing gift to Surprise your friend

What is glowing.

Glowing gift and glowing is a term for light emitting substance in the dark. The material produces its own energy in a form of light. Some material receive the power from the stars light and it is glowing in the dark. With today’s technology, anything can glow and luminous by a special paint.

Opportunity as a Glowing Gift

There are now glowing gift available such as luminous rings and others that can be used as a gift or for your own. They come in many colours and fashion. The year is approaching to the end and this is where you can use these luminous stuffs at night during the celebration. Start collecting them now because stocks will be out when the purchase is at peak at the end of the year. Glowing gift have been removed from this site and can be view HERE.

They can be available at other online shops like shoppee and Lazada but not all packages are the same and cost the same.  SO do some smart shopping before you come to this site. This site offers lots of discount for almost all items. If you are looking for blackcoffee  and tea ornament and herbs,  GO HERE where you can find many more items like coffee grinder and brewers.


Colostrum in C2Joy

Have you heard of Colostrum Milk before? It is one of the hidden ingredient for best nutritional milk available in C2Joy Milk. This milk have been in the market for so long especially in the Indonesian market nut lesser known in neighbouring Malaysia and Brunei. Only recently made available in the market. Connect with me via the green whatsapp icon on the bottom right.

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