How Long Bedian Get its name

Long Bedian Community in History

How Long Bedian gets its name will be revealed below. The earliest record somewhere in 1886. The Communities settled for 9 years at Long Belanah or Melana which is another tributary for main river Apoh.

After that the community moved out to Uma Apau ( plateau)  in 1895 and remained there for 20 years. One of the historic event occurred during this period was when the bigger Communities splitted into two group.

The first group moved out to another place called Long Atip in 1915 while another group remained there for another 3 years until 1918.

From there the community moved again to another place called Uma Tutung( Burnt Longhouse) and settled for only 6 years. When the long house was burnt somewhere in 1925 the communities again move to Uma Bawang and remain there for 5 years.

From Uma Bawang they moved again to another location called Uma Tekayat and settled there for 4 years until 1929. Then in 1933 moved down to Uma Ajui and settled for 8 years.

In 1941 the communities move up river to Uma Lulau Aru and settled only for 4 years.

The Name Decided as Long Bedian.

The final movement was in 1946 when the communities settled at the current location in Long Bedian.  Long is a Kayan word for a river mouth.

At the very small river mouth or rather a stream was a wild Durian tree. So the community decided to call the place Long Bedian.

This is the place where the community embraced Christianity in 1957 from paganism. In 1960 also marked another historical value in social and economic  grading.

The government taught the community to plant cash crops like rubber trees and coffee. A small medical Clinic and also a primary School building was built entirely by the communities themselves.

Transformation Began

The year 1970 marked a year of great transformation whereby the Kelabits from Long Seridan moved in and joined the Kayan Community.

From 1970 to 1981 Long Bedian faced lot of development particularly from the timber industry. The employment for the community brought in economic turn around for the community. Few shops were set up by the local to cater the growing population.

In 1981 Long Bedian won the cleanliness campaign for the whole State of Sarawak and also the most in numbers of investors who invested in Amanah Saham Nasional.

The chieftain Taman Ingan Sang passed away in 1986 and the helm was taken over by his grandson Laing Jok. So in 1996 the new Church building was completed and utilized fully while old Church building was turn into a community hall to host local function. This was the 50th year Anniversary being held.

Gerak Desa wawasan Winner .

1996 also have many event that include the establishment of Tadika Kemas, building of the library facilities, the Village became the winner of the GDW or gerak desa wawasan and the JKKK was recognized by the government offices.

Then come in the year 2000 – 2005 when the Malaysian King and  Dr. Mahathir Mohamad ( ex Prime Minister)  visit  Long Bedian. This is the only rural place throughout the State of Sarawak where the any King have visited. What a remarkable village.

Political achievement by the Communities since year 2000 include 2 elected state representatives, a Resident Officer and a Pamanca.

Integration of Tribes Began.

The Kelabits

A group of Kelabits called Kelabit Buyo lead by a headman Tolong Ribuh together with his committee members joined the other Seridan Kelabit in Long Seridan and settled there because there was a school in Long seridan.

They settled there for 20 years. Due to difficulties in dealing with daily livelihood , e.g very far from town areas, they decided to moved down to Long Bedian.  

The process to reach Long Bedian took many routes as well. After their approval by Balang Gerauk the headman for Long Seridan , they moved out and down river sungei Tutoh.

They moved down by boats to Kubu Long Mutan and walked for 2 days  to reach Kubu Long Belanah. From there their headman brought them to Long Terawan to negotiate with Penghulu Tama Uding.

Then move to Long Beran. While they temporarily settled there, the headman negotiate further with Long Atip Kayan Paramount chief Tama Paya Anyi and village chief Tama Ding Baya. Bothe Kayan chiefs allowed the Kelabit to settle at Long Jenalong from 1967 to May 1971.

The year 1971 marked the settlement day for them when Long Bedian  village chief Tama Ingan Sang allowed them to come to Long Bedian.

What is Long Bedian Today.

Long Bedian today is the fastest growing population in the interior of Baram District. It is now a rural growth center that have basic health care and administrative facilities.

Its is now a center for various interior road network  that serve almost all the neighbouring communities like the penans from Long kevok, Long Daloh, Long Leng, Long late, and many more.

As it grows from primitive home to modern homes the “city bug ” also follows such as political agenda, land grabs , drugs, scasm and many more. 

Road , telecommunication, power distribution, treated water system the Lamella Sand Filter are also well established but some divisive resident are still making abuses after excuses.

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