How Human Growth related to Stemcell for supplements

Supplement for Anti Ageing

Plant Stem Cell Extract



We are ageing daily because our body cells mechanism have some lifespan and die. That happens for our bones, muscles, skin and other parts.

Replacement or to generate new cells are done by our own system but that process is slow because of other mechanics within our body. 

That happens with our cells when our body gets burned, cut, decay and others.

Stemcell is a useful component of regeneration or replacing bad body cells using technology that gets them extracted as external sources to be used in many medicines including many food supplements that enhance human growth hormones as well.

Many wild plants provides useful and rich resources of stem cells for our health and in general promotes human growth. Modern technologies are gearing towards extracting stem cells to rebuild our body cells making us more immune and strong.

Superlife is a company registered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that produces supplements that are promoting wellness and health. 

Plant stem cell extract is the main ingredient of the product such as berries, grapes, melon, beet root, apple, moringa and many more.

Superlife products are stc30, sicc,scc,snc are available globally through Superlife distributors who are in over 52 countries.

Overseas Branch is available in Nigeria and more will come up once the operating country license is approved.

You can join now and more information here.….