Make Milk Work for You

Make milk work  for you in 2 ways. Supplies you with nutrients to make you stay healthy like calcium, fat, colostrum and make some passive income for you when you sell it. That is by joining C2Joy as a distributor.

Milk for Supplement and milk for skin improvement is with this C2Joy that is rebranded now as Safe & Joy. 💡Fill in the form on the left side👈  and get free Safe & Joy pamplet document.

Milk as a Supplement for energy and skin.


C2Joy is a powder milk product imported from land of the Dairies “New Zealand”. Packed and distributed by TDC a legit limited company in northern Malaysia. Make milk work for you is achievable with this product

This milk is skimmed, TruCal, contained Colostrum milk and calcium. The Colostrum is Bovine colostrum that is retrieved within 6 hours when the mother cow give birth before normal milk is produced. Want to know more if milk matters is useful to you. 

Colostrum milk produced by animals particularly Cows are the highest grade comparing with human. It contain 85% of ImmunoGlobin G ( IgG , IgA , IgM , IgE , IgD) while human have 2%.

lgG– Have the most quantity of Immunoglobulin in Cow’s Colostrum that is capable to neutralize virus, bacteria and toxin.

lgA– Antibody that helps breathing functionalities and help to stop production of mucus.

 lgM– The line of defense for the body to immune against bacteria and virus.

lgE– Another line of defense against virus.

lgD – The most effective antibody against virus.

Three main benefit of Colostrum Milk for human and animal alike.

  1. Growth factors
  2. Nutrition
  3. Immunity.
  4. Calcium

 C2Joy or Safe&Joy milk product have the following ingredient per serving:

  • Energy – 153 kCal
  • Protein – 8 g
  • Fat – 8.5 g
  • Calcium – 322 Mg
  • Vitamin A – 158 Ug
  • Vitamin D- 6.3 Ug
Help yourself to make milk work for you with your health and wealth.