Natural Fat loss

Just Need This Fat Shredder For Fast Weight Loss

Natural Fat Shredder for weight loss

fat shredderNatural fat shredder ultimately means leading process for fat loss. SINETROL as one of the ingredient in  SCC+ is a rich concoction of nature’s best ingredients to maintain a healthy colon and digestive system. The powerful formula combines with Sinetrol®, a patented weight loss ingredient extracted from Mediterranean Citruses, proven to be a highly effective weight-loss reagent that is specifically formulated to increase Basal Metabolic Rate. It helps in the following ways:


Ingredients & Functions with Natural Fat Shredder

  1. SINETROL® Promotes body metabolism by enhancing the lipolysis and reducing excess body fat. Maintains body weight management by supporting a healthy body composition.
  2. FIBERSOL-2 Maintains healthy blood glucose and insulin levels. Promotes the growth of good bacteria in colon.
  3. CHLOROPHYLL Provides strong antioxidant and anticancer effects. Supports liver detoxification process and promotes liver health.
  4. AMLA EXTRACT Reduces the effects of free radicals and combats aging process. Purifies blood and increases hemoglobin and red blood cell count.
  5. BEET ROOT POWDER Improves blood flow and helps to lower blood pressure. Protects the liver from toxins and improves liver functions.
  6. ALOE VERA POWDER Helps to restore and maintain body’s PH balance. Healing and soothing properties helps to relieve stomach disorders.
  7. ASTAXANTHIN Supports brain and cardiovascular health. Protects cells and nervous system from oxidative stress.
  8. GRAPE SEED POWDER Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Helps to increase intestinal integrity and prevent stomach ulcers.
  9. MILK THISTLE EXTRACT Boosts immune system and decreases the risk of cancer development. Purifies the body of metabolic waste and prevents the formation of gallstones.
  10. PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER Helps to treat constipation and promotes healthy bowel movement. Helps to lower triglycerides level and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Clinical Evidence of Natural fat Shredder 

Reduction of abdominal fat after 12 weeks- Three clinical studies were conducted to investigate the benefit of Sinetrol as a natural fat shredder on body composition. From result from 190 subjects it was proven and a safe solution for helping to rid the body fat mass.

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Reduction of waist size, hip size, body fat and lean mass. All these were achieve and proven after 12 weeks of consuming the product with limited exercises.

Ingredient of the SCC15

Initial ingredient of SCC15 are from number 2 to no. 10 of the above. Refer at SHOP area for item and more information can be reviewed at this site.