The Latest Boycott for May 2020

The latest boycott agenda in the world arising from the Corona Virus outbreak is worth to look at in a positive manner whether going to be materialized or not. Western countries intention to boycott China is gaining momentum leading by the US. China then strike back by first warning  to Australia because Australia call for an Independent Inquiry Into Coronavirus. Let us wait and see how the capitalist world is handling the current pandemic crisis.

Malaysia on the other hand every year has been calling on to boycott many products from foreign countries. Some politicians and their supporters are the leading groups to these boycott agenda. The groups have call to boycott KFC, McDonald, Israeli related product, non-Muslim products and now a Muslim products, Jakel Store.

Jakel story began in January 1983 when the late Mohamed Jakel Bin Ahmad started his small retail business in Muar, Johor. The company was carrying JAKEL TRADING as a trademark in the textile industry to win over their customers. Mohamed Jakel later had expanded the business to Segamat, where the empire labeled as a dominant player in the industry.

Jakel Mall
Jakel Mall

In 1992, JAKEL TRADING further expanded its operations by venturing as a textile semi-wholesaler and supplier for the government agencies and private sectors. JAKEL TRADING continued to be a highly developed and respected textile company between 1992 and 1997.

Textile Jakel Mall

Jakel Mall

With over 5,000 employees nationwide(except in Sarawak), JAKEL TRADING had been entrusted by the PERBADANAN USAHAWAN NASIONAL BERHAD (PUNB) to become the Mentor of Prosper Bumiputera Entrepreneurs in the textile business since 2003. The company was responsible for providing training and guidance to Bumiputera entrepreneurs who are keen to be involved in this industry.

Jakel Achievement included:

  • HR ASIA 2016
  • Pangkor Dialogue Awards 2016
  • Utusan Business Awards 2015
  • Best Brand In Retail Textiles 2015
  • World’s Largest Textile Mall “THEBRANDLAUREATE”2015

Plus many more.

The calling.

Calling to boycott the brand from Netizens  came viral after the owner’s brother posts degrading statement on his Instagram. This came following Jakel’s announcement to reopen its business starting today (Monday, 4th May,2020), in conjunction with the implementation of conditional movement control order (MCO) under this Corvid19 pandemic.

In response to a lot of Malaysians (particularly Malays) who condemned their decision to resume operations, the owner’s brother uploaded a somewhat degrading remark on social media, saying that he “sympathised” with the people for not understanding the true meaning of standard operating procedure (SOP). the owner’s brother did apologized after that but damaged have been done especially during the month of Ramadan. Many enraged netizens have taken to Twitter to express their frustration and disappointment in response to the issue. Some even called for everyone to boycott the local textile brand as a symbol of protest. Fingure crossed and hope for the best outcome to continue to work together again.

Last year  there were many calling for boycott mainly food products like canned Sardines. This was following a picture of an opened can of Sardine showing maggots alive inside in social media. Sardine is one of the favourite food in Malaysia. It is used for making sandwich called Sardine sandwich, used with roti canai(Indian favourite pancake) called roti sardine, in fried rice called Nasi goreng sardine and many more use in street food stalls. The most published was also a call to boycott Foodpanda.

Foodpanda in a media statement on Sept 28 said the revised payment scheme enables riders to earn more income based on the orders they accept. Then in Oct 2019 Users are boycotting Foodpanda after company maintains new payment scheme that upset riders.

Users on social media platform Twitter are making the hashtag #boycottfoodpanda go viral after the local food delivery company said it will stick to a new payment scheme for riders outside of Klang Valley. The company added that it will maintain the new payment scheme for a minimum four weeks before deciding on the next course of action, if necessary.

Foodpanda Malaysia managing director Sayantan Das claimed that initial data showed a good proportion of riders are actually earning more under the new scheme, which was first implemented on Sept 30.

“Contrary to what has been reported, the new scheme actually gives performing riders a chance to earn more, up to 50% more, and those not performing as well to be motivated to take more shifts to get a bigger piece of the pie,” he added.

The new payment scheme introduced by Foodpanda led to some riders staging a series of protests across different states earlier that month.

Riders who were part of the protest demanded that the company revert back to the old payment scheme which they claimed helped them to earn more by paying them based on the number of hours worked instead of focusing on the number of deliveries performed during their work shifts. There were more than 200 freelance riders took to the street in Klang valley and in other outlet like in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. More blog stories🔖 HERE

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